#6 top 8 Business Braking News- Mukesh Ambani becomes the world’s fourth-richest man

#6 top 8 Business Braking News- Mukesh Ambani becomes the world's fourth-richest man


 1. Delhi will probably have its own board of education by 2021: Deputy CM

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Sunday that the capital will have its own school education board and is expected to be operational by next year. He pointed out that the board would be in line with the proposed reforms in the new national education policy. “This board will be optional for government and private schools,” Sisodia said.

2. Air India Express Name Calicut Airport was included in the list of ‘Most Beautiful Runway’

Air India Express in August 2016 included Calicut Airport (Karipur Airport) in the list of ‘most beautiful airports and runways’ in the country. The airline wrote a blog that the enjoyment of flying increases when you are welcomed beautifully by nature. 18 people have died in the Calicut plane crash.

3. Zomato to give ‘period leave’ to women and transgender employees

 Jomoto will give a maximum of 10 ‘period leave’ to its female and transgender employees in a year. CO Dipendra Goyal wrote in an email sent to employees that there should not be any shame or stigma in applying for PGLU. He told the male staff in this, “Mansutual caps are very painful for many women… We have to support them.”


4. BCCI and Chinese Mobile Company Vivo IPL 2020 Suspended Partnership 

 BCCI and Chinese Mobile Company Vivo IPL 2020 have officially suspended their partnership. Vivo was the title sponsor of the IPL and paid around ₹ 440 crores annually under a 5-year deal ending in 2022. The IPL 2020 will be played in the UAE UAE starting on 19 September.


5. ‘Poison’s cup’ is Microsoft’s potential acquisition of Tic-Talk: Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates described Tick-Talk’s potential acquisition of US operations by the company as a ‘cup of poison’. He said, “Know from what is going to happen with that deal… It is not easy to grow up in the social media business.” He called President Donald Trump’s demand to give a portion of the sale price to America.


6. Mukesh Ambani becomes the world’s fourth-richest man Bloomberg 

According to Bloomberg Billionaire Indus, Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, has become the fourth richest person in the world by beating 63 Europe’s richest man Bernard Arnault. Ambani’s network is $ 80.6 billion. As Bloomberg, Ambani is now lagging behind Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.


7. Rohit Sharma shares engagement greetings to Yuzvendra Chahal

Indian opener Rohit Sharma has congratulated leg spinner Yajuvendra Chahal, who is engaged to YouTuber and choreographer Dhanashree Verma on Twitter. Rohit wrote, “Brother, congratulations on the engagement. Best wishes.” Rohit also shared a single, which is seen by an elder of RCB and a young man and resembles the face of the elderly.

8. Virender Sehwag congratulated Yajuvendra Chahal for engagement in turning disaster into an opportunity

Former Team India opener Virender Sehwag has tweeted leg-spinner Yajuvendra Chahal to congratulate choreographer Dhanashree Verma on his engagement. Sehwag shared the picture of PM Modi, which reads, “Disaster is to be turned into an opportunity.” Sehwag wrote, “Wow Yajuvendra Chahal, turned disaster into an opportunity. Congratulations.”

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