SPK Daily News #3 – Big Bazaar, IPL News, world rechiset family walton family & more intresting News

1. Big Bazaar fined ₹ 48,000 and ₹ 12 for carrying carry bags in Chandigarh for ₹ 18000

Chandigarh District Consumer Commission has imposed a fine of ₹ 18000 on Big Bazaar for charging ₹ 48 and ₹ 12 for carrying bags from 2 consumers in the city. According to a consumer, after buying goods worth Rs 9881 from Big Bazaar in Alante Mall, two paper bikes were taken from him for ₹ 48. According to the other complainant, ₹ 12 was taken from him.

2. 22 forms applied for ₹ 50000 crore plan to make smartphone parts

Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said on Saturday that 22 companies have committed investment of ₹ 11000 crores under the production-related concession scheme of ₹ 50000 crores for smartphone and capital formation. These include Foxconn, Samsung, Wistron, Lava, Diction, Micromax, and Sojo. Under this scheme, production of ₹ 11.5 lakh crore will be produced in 5 years.

3. IPL retains all sponsors including Chinese mobile company 

Vivo IPL Governing Council has decided to retain all its sponsors including Chinese mobile company Vivo. As a title sponsor, Vivo pays ₹ 440 crore annually in a 5-year deal, which will end in 2022. “The BCCI has taken a new decision after consulting the sponsor carefully … and …. after legal advice,” said an official.

4. Duniya ke sabse amir Parivar ki sampatti pichhle sal har ghante Badi ₹ 22.5 crores: Bloomberg

According to Bloomberg, the wealth of the ‘Walton family’, the promoter of US retail giant Walmart and the world’s richest family, grew by ₹ 22.5 crores ($ 30 million) every hour and ₹ 540 crores ($ 7.2 million) every day on average last year. Significantly, the wealth of the Walton family has increased from ₹ 1875 billion ($ 25 Arab) to ₹ 16125 billion ($ 215 billion) in 1 year.

5. GST collection in July was ₹ 87442 crore last year, more than ₹ 1 lakh crore GST collection in July

This year was ₹ 87442 crore compared to ₹ 1,02,082 crore in the same period last year. Of these, the Center got ₹ 16147 crores in GST, ₹ 21418 crores in Raj GST, ₹ 42,592 crores in Integrated GST and ₹ 7265 crores in Cess, including ₹ 807 crores collected on import of goods. Of these, in June 2020, GST earned ₹ 90917 crores.

6. Where is your friend, where you are like this: Israel from India on Friendship Day

While sharing a video clip on Friendship Day 2020 on Sunday, the official Twitter handle of the Israeli embassy in India wrote, “Tere jaisa yaar ou, ou Ais yarana.” The tweet further reads, “Happy Friendship Day 2020 India!… “Our friendship and the growing partnership between the two countries may become even stronger in the future! … Friendship forever!”

7. Virgin Galactic introduced supersonic aircraft design for high-speed travel

Billionaire Richardson’s company Virgin Girl Tax has introduced the design of its proposed aircraft for high-speed travel. The company wants to build a 9 to 19 seater aircraft that can travel 3 times faster than sound. As a company, it will have a custom cabin layout that will have a business or first-class seating arrangement.

8. No upper limit on ticket fare for trains operated by private companies has been fixed. 

Railway Indian Express has quoted the Ministry of Railways as saying that no upper limit has been fixed for ticket fare for trains operated by private companies. The fare of these private trains will be according to the market. It is worth mentioning that the Railways had invited applications from private companies for the operation of 151 modern passenger trains on Suno routes.

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