New Top 9 Business News in India

New Top 9 Business News in India

1. PMS Prasad, close to Ambani, pledged 94% of his Reliance shares worth ₹ 103 crore

PMS Prasad, close to Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani and executive director of the company, has pledged 94% of his shares worth ₹ 103 crores. He had 6 lakh shares in the Reliance sector of which he had 6 lakh shares on June 29. Pledge has increased by nearly 12% to ₹ 11.15 crore in FY 2019-20.

2. The government will not take 100% compulsory vaccine

Rajiv Bajaj Bajaj Auto MD Rajiv Bajaj 53 has said that he will not take the vaccine of Kovid-19 till the government makes it 100% mandatory. I do not see myself at such a serious risk that I would justify taking my pathogen injection, I would prefer to wear a catering exercise homeopathy mask and maintain social distancing.

3. Cognizant Remove 9400 Employees in 3 Months 

During the quarter ended June, the number of employees of the IT company Cognizant decreased by 10500 to 281200. CO Brian Bryan Fridge announced the quarterly results, stating that the rate of employees leaving the company was 10.5% (1100) employees i.e. 9400 people were fired during the quarter. The company has 200,000 employees in India

4. Children will be taught coding from class 6 onwards. New Education Policy: Center

The government on Wednesday approved the new education policy under which children from class 6 will now be taught coding. School Education Secretary Anita Karwal said – Computing in children (Abhilakriti) and Mathematical (Mathematical)
 Thinking grows. Apart from this, he said that 21st-century skills will be included in the curriculum.

5. 44 Fellow India trains will start in the next two-three years: Railways

 Railway Board Chairman BK Yadav has said that 44 ‘Vande Bharat trains’ will start running in the next two-three years and will be constructed in 3 days units. He has said that this body is Railway Coach Factory Kapurthala Modern Coach Factory Rae Bareli and Integral Coach Factory Chennai. Actually, Vande Bharat Express was started last year.

6. Need to take immediate policy steps to make 6.2G a part of history: Mukesh Ambani

 Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Friday urged the government to immediately take necessary policy steps to make 2G a part of history. Ambani said, “Nearly 30,000 consumers are away from basic Internet services due to 2G feature phones.” Jio has joined hands with Google for a very affordable 4G and potential 5G smartphone for India.

7. Mumbai Indians win IPL tournament auction today: Akash Chopra

 Commentator Aakash Chopra has said that Mumbai Indians live half the IPL tournament at the time of auction. He said that his plan is to be top-class. He makes such a good team that he has a backup for every position. He said when you place such a good player or their success becomes a hallmark.

8. Video of batting shared by Shikhar Dhawan returned to training

Indian opener batsman Shikhar Dhawan shared a video of his training on the tweet, in which he is seen hitting the ball on both sides of the field while sharing the video, Dhawan wrote that the intensity should be allowed to continue. is. Dhawan (34) will play for Delhi Capital in IPL-13.

9. NASA’s Mars Rover is carrying a tool to produce CO2 from oxygen in the atmosphere of Mars

NASA’s’ Perversance Rover ‘, launched on Thursday, is carrying on an experiment that will create oxygen from the carbon dioxide present in Mars’ atmosphere. This device called MOXIE will break down CO2 and electrochemically oxygen and carbon monoxide. Mars has about 96% CO2 in the atmosphere while oxygen is 0.13%.

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