How to Schedule WhatsApp Message in your smartphone phone

How to Schedule WhatsApp Message in your smartphone phone
How to Schedule WhatsApp Message in your smartphone phone

Basically now everyone is using WhatsApp to chat and pass the time and  WhatsApp is a favorite platform of chatting of everyone because of its amazing features but still, Whatsapp is missing one feature that is Message Scheduling. Firstly I show you with the help of an example of how scheduling helps us:- If you want to send an anniversary message to your parents first you then have to wake up till 12 at night but if you scheduled the message than you do not have to face this problem on WhatsApp of waking up till 12 at night. To overcome this problem I will tell you how to Schedule WhatsApp Message in your smartphone phone. There are many methods to schedule WhatsApp messages but today I will tell you the best method of WhatsApp Message Scheduling without opening WhatsApp on your phone.

How to schedule WhatsApp message on android

As I tell you above, WhatsApp yet not stated message scheduling officially but if you are an android user then you can schedule the message with the help of third-party apps which allows you to schedule Whatsapp message. There are many third-party apps but I will tell you SKEDit because this do there work better.
  • Open Google Play Store and download the SKEDit app.
  • Then open the app and sign in.
  • After sign in, then tap on WhatsApp.
  • Now the app will ask some permission, you have to allow and also ask to enable accessibility than you have to allow.
  • Now go to the app and type the message and set time and click the bellow toggle.
  • Now your message is Scheduled.

How to schedule WhatsApp message in iPhone

In android, we can use a third-party app to schedule WhatsApp message but in iPhone, there is now third-party to schedule WhatsApp app but today I will tell you a small trick with the help of which you can schedule the message.
  • Go to App Store and download Shortcuts 
  • Now choose the Automatic tab bellow.
  • Now create personal automation by clicking on + icon at the top right corner.
  • Now you have to add action so, go to the search bar and type text and select one text.
  • Now you have to type your message.
  • Now under the text box, you will see + icon press the icon and select WhatsApp.
  • Now you ask to select the place where you want to send then you have to select the number of person for which you want to schedule.
  • Now you will get notifications on your schedule time and ow you have to click notifications then you will redirect on Whatsapp with a message now you have to click on the Send button to send a message only.

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