PUBG Mobile Leaks for Erangle 2.0 via China Beta Version

PUBG Mobile Leaks for Erangle 2.0 via China Beta Version

PUBG Mobile could be given another major update on its most popular Erangle map. It seems that after the remapped map of Miramar as pyramid 2.0 its most played map Erangle remapped version is revealed through the beta of the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile game for peace. In China, PUBG mobile is called a Game of Peace. Tentatively the new map comes with new features, machines, and graphics improvements. A respected that it has already shown up in Chinese version it could make its way to the Global version soon.

 According to the report by Sportskeeda,
The map includes several changes and improvements in both mechanisms and graphics. In an Erangle has already been added to the beta version of PUBG Mobile Game of Peace. It comes with features like:-
  •  Route Planner
  •  Refreshed Graphic
  •  Vehicle Control Customization
  •  Ultra HD Graphics

 Route Planner

This feature has the player to plan their Parth in an advance, the player will have to make various locations to be used an Avg points. As making the players head towards their next. Spot without opening their map multiple times.

 Refresh Graphics

 As per the report, graphical hangers have also being made in the Erangle 2.0 i.e, detailings have been increased. In these details, it is said:-
  •  The building’s interior has been more detailed.
  •  Colors have been slightly tweaked.
  •  Some of the structures also been modified.

 Vehicle Control Customisation

As per the report, PUBG mobile allows us to pick any of three control different control schemes but does not allow the customization of the position of the buttons but in this Erangle update where can customize their control and can rearrange buttons and control.

 Ultra HD Graphic:-

This setting option has been added to the beta version of the Game of Peace. However, this feature is already present in the Global version of a Pubg Mobile but not in beta.
As now there is no further information about the final environment of the remapped map of Erangle on the Global version. A  secret map is also available in the Beta version of PUBG Mobile, however, it is unlikely to be the remapped Erangel Map.

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