Best and Cheap SSD Hosting at Rs.49/-

Best and Cheap SSD Hosting at Rs.49/-

If you are using WordPress, or want to use WordPress or want to bring blogger site to WordPress, then it consists of main factor Hosting, in  Hosting you can install and run WordPress in it. Hosting helps to run your WordPress site.

You will know what the Hosting is and What is the price?, but let me tell you that there are basically two types of Hosting, firstly the Normal Hosting which is in every shared Hosting, and the second is SSD Hosting.

Normal hosting is a bit cheaper and loads the site much slower, but SSD Hosting is expensive which loads the site very fast, usually, small bloggers are unable to use it because it costs up to ₹200/month. Normal hosting is also available for ₹40/month but still does not get many features in it. Fast loading of the site helps in the ranking and SEO of the site but SSD hosting is so expensive that a small blogger cannot buy it. If you want that you get ₹ 200 SSD hosting at a very cheap price, then in this article I will tell you a cheap SSD hosting provider site which will provide you SSD hosting at less than ₹ 50 price. chpest SSD hosting provider

The cheap hosting providing company I am talking about is ( in this you will be able to buy cheap SSD hosting for ₹49/ month and take full advantage of it, in this hosting you will get many plans like Basic, Business, and Professional, like Business, and Professional also have a slightly higher price, but the plan I will talk about today is ₹ 49 / month plan.

In this plan, you will get to host a domain on which you will be able to run your site and install WordPress.
In this plan, you will get SSL certificate for this domain for free, you will get 5GB of SSD Storage and bandwidth of 100GB, which is too much for a new start blog. chpest SSD hosting provider Plans

 If you take its yearly plan, you will get the same as a GPL license and a plugin for free along with SSD hosting, and all the tools which are helpful in running a hosting server are being provided for free. If you want to buy this hosting then follow the instructions given below.

How to buy hosting from 

  • Go to the site.
  • Soon as the site opens click on “Get Started “.
  • You will be shown some plans on this site.
  • You can choose any plan to buy hosting.
  • When you chose your hosting plan click on get started.
  • Enter your domain name which you already bought. (if you don’t have any domain and want to buy a Domain name at a cheap price then click on Visit site)
  • Now you will see your selected plan details.
  • Click to continue.
  • Proceed to checkout and pay your selected plan money.
  • When you have completed the payment, you will be shown all details on your dashboard.
  • Now you can enjoy your hosting and start your blogging journey.

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